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Making a show of Tanzania’s breadbasket

How demonstration plots boosted knowledge – and use – of fertilizer. In the lush Southern Highlands of Tanzania lies the country’s breadbasket. Here, maize, potatoes and sunflowers are grown among the rolling hills and verdant valleys. This is why Leonard Rubuye decided to start up Rubuye Agro-Business Co, a hub agrodealer, in the Njombe region in [...]

Working together for the greater good

A cooperative society evolves into a major fertilizer distributor in a flood-hit region In 2010 and 2012 heavy rains hit the Chokwé district of Mozambique’s southern Gaza province, leaving more than 10,000 people destitute. Most of them were smallholder farmers. In an effort to reclaim their livelihoods, these farmers got together with partner organizations, including the [...]

On Solid Ground

Building on experience and know-how in Ghana’s breadbasket. It hasn’t been an easy few years for farmers in the eastern region of Ghana. While the Afram Plains region is known for its agricultural potential – its mountainous areas and lush lowlands offer ideal conditions for vegetable, maize and rice farming, the unpredictable rainfall in Ghana’s breadbasket [...]

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