Agribusiness Partnership Contracts (APCs) Photo courtesy of AGMARK

Agribusiness Partnership Contracts (APCs)

An Agribusiness Partnership Contract (APC) is an innovative mechanism that allows AFAP to unite the expertise and dedication of the public and private sectors to improve fertilizer affordability and availability in Africa.
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What is an APC?

  • An agreement between an agribusiness and AFAP that provides AFAP assistance in return for substantive market development contributions.
  • A flexible mechanism that allows AFAP leadership to respond to the changing needs of a region, market or agribusiness.

What is APC assistance?

Examples of AFAP assistance might include:

  • Guarantees to fertilizer distributors for retailer credit;
  • Financing assistance to importers or blenders to improve facilities;
  • Training or logistical support;
  • Help with warehouses at ports or inland;
  • Assistance with retail improvements such as storage facilities and equipment.

Who is eligible for an APC?

International, regional and local agribusinesses that can:

  • Create projects that will improve fertilizer access and affordability for African smallholder farmers;
  • Make contributions to the lives and communities of smallholder farmers above and beyond the services the company provides in its regular course of business.
  • Offer a long-term commitment to developing market infrastructure or capacity that bolsters sustainable fertilizer use.

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