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Cecilia Khupe: Director of Programs

Cecilia Khupe: Director of Programs

Cecilia Khupe joined AFAP in 2012 as a Programs Director (Africa). Before joining AFAP she worked for USAID as a Senior Regional Program Manager/Agriculture Advisor for over 12 years. Prior to joining USAID she worked for South Africa Breweries Botswana Branch as a Brewery Manager. She also worked for the Ministry of Agriculture Botswana as a Senior Agriculture Economist responsible for all bilateral and multilateral trade arrangements for the Government of Botswana in the Agriculture Sector as well as project planning and management for the Ministry. Ms. Khupe assisted the Ministry of Agriculture Develop a Food Security Policy that allowed Botswana to move from a self-sufficiency policy. Ms. Khupe has presented food security related papers in workshops, seminars and conferences in the Southern Africa region as well as in East and West Africa countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia; Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal. Ms Khupe has also represented the regional donor community in the FANRPAN Board.

Ms. Khupe holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Accounting from University of Botswana, an honors degree from University of Colorado in Economic Policy and a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics – Marketing and Trade from New Mexico State University, USA.

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