Sergio Ussaca: Mozambique Country Director AFAP

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Sergio Ussaca: Mozambique Country Director

Sergio Ussaca: Mozambique Country Director

Sergio Ussaca brings more than 16 years of experience as a manager and agricultural specialist in Mozambique to AFAP’s Maputo office.
Before joining AFAP, Ussaca served as a senior policy advisor for private sector development and agribusiness at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Maputo. Before taking that position, Ussaca worked with NGOs in the region including CNFA and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. Much of his career has centered on work in the Nacala and Beira corridors. He also has extensive experience in Nampula.

Ussaca earned a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from the Catholic University of Mozambique and a diploma in agriculture production and livestock from the Agricultural College of Boane. In addition, he has training in conservation farming, micro-finance, and local seed multiplication techniques.

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