Kabelo Manaka

Director, Human Resources

Kabelo is a highly accomplished Human Resources professional currently serving as the HR Director at AFAP. With an impressive track record in HR management and consulting, Kabelo brings extensive expertise to her role. She is known for her resourcefulness, adaptability, and unwavering enthusiasm in the field of human resources.

Possessing a profound understanding of the entire HR spectrum and project administration, Kabelo stands out for her strong communication skills and a pragmatic, problem-solving approach with a business-oriented mindset. She excels in developing organizations by implementing effective HR practices that drive growth and productivity.

Kabelo’s skill set encompasses a wide range of HR activities, including coordination, planning, leadership, and organization of administrative tasks, HR management, and performance management initiatives. Her ability to seamlessly collaborate with teams while also demonstrating independence sets her apart as a versatile professional.

Kabelo’s areas of specialization encompass performance management, recruitment, employee relations, and project coordination. Throughout her career, she has consistently conducted in-depth research, staying at the forefront of HR best practices and trends. Her insights have played a pivotal role in suggesting improvements and leading the successful implementation of HR policies.

As an advocate for alignment between the workforce and organizational strategic goals, Kabelo has a strong track record in developing and administering HR policies, programs, procedures, and guidelines. Her commitment to ensuring legal compliance spans areas such as employment law, privacy, data protection, and health & safety, making her a trusted expert in safeguarding the well-being of both employees and the organization.

Kabelo’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Intrapreneurial Management and a Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Human Resource Management, Strategic Business Management, and Entrepreneurship, both earned at the University of Johannesburg.