Nadia Nsabimbona

Director, Development Cooperation

Nadia Nsabimbona is a highly experienced in Resource Mobilization and Partnerships across Africa, currently serving as the Director of Development Cooperation at the Africa Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP). With over two decades of experience in her field, Nsabimbona has made significant contributions to the UN System and Public International Organizations coordinating partnership with key Donors, Country representatives and the private sector. This includes Governments, Multilateral and Bilateral financing arrangements as well as other major Global Health, Humanitarian as well as Food Security funding organizations and the private sector.

Nsabimbona has served for 12 years in roles covering regional leadership in various African Countries since 2011. They encompass in Senior regional position in World Health Organization (WHO) and in Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Within that time, she has made contribution at Senior decision-making levels in Accra (Ghana), Nairobi (Kenya) and Brazzaville (Congo Republic) and other Countries in Africa. Additionally, in FAO she developed and implemented the Resource Mobilization Strategic Plan to set a significant milestone by surpassing the set target for that financial biennial.

Nsabimbona has experience major global donors, both as Governments and private funders over the span of her career. In her last role supporting the WHO COVID Vaccine response, she coordinated with COVAX and AVAT facilities along with the various donors (including OCHA, SIDA, Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation, Belgium Embassy, Italian Embassy, Israel Embassy, USAID-OFDA, DFID, US Government, AfDB, ECHO, Japan /JICA, Denmark/DANIDA, People’s Republic of China, Korean Embassy and Australia). She has demonstrated expertise handling the intricacies of funding concepts, grants, and donor funding.

Nadia holds a PRINCE2® Certificate, Global Executive MBA from China Europe International Business School (2016), Master of Advanced Studies in Development /Humanitarian Action, University of Geneva (2005), Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences, Université Lumière de Bujumbura (2004), and currently pursuing a PhD at GIBS through University of Pretoria in South Africa.