Joseph Mwangangi

Deputy CEO and Director, Agribusiness Services

Joe is a highly experienced Agribusiness Advisor and founder member/trustee of the Agricultural Markets Development Trust (AGMARK) with a passion for tackling poverty and food insecurity in Africa. Over the last thirty years, he has designed and implemented numerous business and technical agribusiness development programs for leading international development agencies including TechnoServe, CRS, CNFA and AFAP.

Joe is a key architect and promoter of the Hub-Agrodealer model for the distribution of yield-enhancing agricultural inputs and technologies in eastern and southern Africa. He has been actively involved in promoting this model for the past ten years, which has contributed to the successful distribution of agricultural inputs and technology across the region.

Apart from his work in the development sector, Joe owns and runs a private company that is engaged in poultry production and processing for the Nairobi market in Kenya. He has a Masters in Agricultural Development from the University of London.

As Board Secretary to AFAP, Joe has been instrumental in the development and implementation of various initiatives aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity and food security in Africa. His vast experience, expertise and passion for agribusiness development have made him a valuable asset in the fight against poverty and food insecurity on the continent.