AFAP Uganda is working on an initiative to scale up its hub agro dealer model with funding secured from Feed the Future Inclusive Agriculture Market Activity (FtF IAM). The development project is being supported by DAI Inc. and is being implemented under the theme ‘Support for a strengthened hub agro development distribution chain of Inputs Market & unlocking the Business Potential of Inputs Market Associations in Uganda: -case of UNADA’.

The two primary objectives of the project are to:

  1. increase the accessibility and availability of high-quality inputs for farmers by establishing a Hub Agro-Dealers who will harness local distribution networks to serve up to a larger rural input retailer market, and
  2. strengthen UNADA’s sustainability by increasing internal revenue collections (subscriptions/memberships fees) from member-centred services as well as establishing additional revenue streams to bolster operations.

As part of project implementation, AFAP has already completed the initial stages of profiling and recruiting the hub agro-dealers from all the regions DAI Inc. is operating in.

Building on its successful hub-agrodealer network in Uganda that has a retail reach of 468 retailers and over 190,000 smallholder farmers, AFAP plans to target an additional 275 retailers.

Currently, AFAP is conducting UNADA institutional strengthening meetings as part of the process to enhance UNADA governance structures across the Country. Additionally, AFAP is also hosting business management and product knowledge training sessions for the agro-dealers to improve record-keeping and develop additional skills that will improve business performance as identified in the agro dealer assessment conducted by the organisation last year.