Spotlight on Mozambique: Bringing it to the people

Africa's rural agriculture is built on the back of women. From tilling the land to everything in-between including watering and weeding, African women do it all. The women of Chibavana, a district of Sofala Province in Mozambique, are some of the hardest working farmers in the region. All year-round, they rise to the fields at dawn and [...]

Working together for the greater good

A cooperative society evolves into a major fertilizer distributor in a flood-hit region In 2010 and 2012 heavy rains hit the Chokwé district of Mozambique’s southern Gaza province, leaving more than 10,000 people destitute. Most of them were smallholder farmers. In an effort to reclaim their livelihoods, these farmers got together with partner organizations, including the [...]

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