The credit guarantee activity with Hub Agrodealers, as indicated in the AFAP ESMS) so no irreversible negative environmental and social impacts and as such it is a Category 2 (Medium Risk – Projects with limited, location-specific E&S impacts that are reversible) Project. The Project did not have a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) since the project [...]

AFAP supported hub agrodealer wins the Yara Rebate Award

AFAP supported hub agro dealer Kato Hassan (right), founder of Kham Farmers Services Limited Uganda, was commended for selling above the 1,500MT target of Yaramila Java, Yaramila Winner and Nitrabor fertilizer products. Kato sold over 2,500MT fertilizer products, including 1,352MT of Yara products brands, making him the winning finalist for the Yara Rebate Award. The Yara [...]

AFAP Uganda: Scaling up the Hub Agrodealer Model

AFAP Uganda is working on an initiative to scale up its hub agro dealer model with funding secured from Feed the Future Inclusive Agriculture Market Activity (FtF IAM). The development project is being supported by DAI Inc. and is being implemented under the theme ‘Support for a strengthened hub agro development distribution chain of Inputs Market [...]

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