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ETG, transforming input access for farmers across Africa

Conglomerate, Export Trading Group (ETG) is expanding its business to better serve African farmers through its ‘one stop shop’ concept for fertilizers. ETG Head (Fertilizer) in Tanzania, Manoj Shewkani, says the Group has invested in world class bagging and logistic facilities to ensure a seamless service in the sourcing and distribution of fertilizers across Africa. During [...]

Private sector in training initiative to improve access to fertilizers to boost food security and enterprise development among smallholder farmers

Smallholder farmers in Limpopo Province - South Africa’s bread basket - are paradoxically confronted with the continuous challenges of raising their productivity to boost food security owing to limited access and low use of fertilizers, a neglected but critical input which can double yields within a single cropping season. Fertilizers, in addition inputs such as [...]

Regadio de Baixo Limpopo (RBL) Extension Officers get training boost

The lives of thousands of smallholder farmers involved in the Agricultural Technologies Transfer Program of Regadio de Baixo Limpopo (RBL) EP (Low Limpopo Irrigation Scheme), a public company under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MASA) of Mozambique will never be the same.  Thanks to the African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP), which through a [...]

MAPPING MALAWI: How the AFVP is doing big things to change farming practices

"A technological revolution is unfolding on smallholder farms across Central Malawi, thanks to the efforts of a Fertilizer Volunteer."   Thirty recently trained extension workers, armed with agronomy degrees and android phones, are dipping into the soil, scooping up samples, locking up their GPSes and shooting their soil analyses straight into the cloud. [...]

Making fertilizer count in Malawi

The AFVP program facilitated the recruitment and deployment of a volunteer, Pieter Haumann to provide support in training trainers, mentors and farm extension personnel for the Productivity Improvement Project for Smallholders (PIPS) project in Central Malawi. A total of 40 personnel were trained in March 2016 which included managers and team leaders from Farmers World, a [...]

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