Agribusiness Division

The Agribusiness Development Services Unit of AFAP provides commercial and development advisory services to agri-SMEs, particularly hub agro-dealers, in the inputs value chain and also develops programs to support the development of hub agro-dealer networks. In particular, we aim to strengthen fertilizer wholesalers toward improving national and regional inputs value chains and increasing the capacity of private sector actors to engage within these value chains.

Through these efforts, we aim to support the development of Africa’s fertilizer markets and to ensure increased value chain efficiency and to support the maximization of profitability down to the farmer level. We pursue this work while also focusing on the importance of environmental sustainability, the maintenance of soil health, and the criticality of keeping distribution channels competitive.

Our team consists of professionals with diverse skill sets including, but not limited to: agronomy, business development services, economic development, accounting, finance, trade and investment, law, marketing and monitoring, evaluation and learning. We also bring deep experience in understanding and working in international and varied African fertilizer markets, both at the operational and managerial levels of the fertilizer industry.

The AFAP team also has a solid understanding of developing fertilizer markets from manufacturing, importing, and distribution – through to creating demand at the farm level. Our network allows us to fully grasp the nuances of the industry, while also having the analytical capacity to ensure strong results. When needed, we also are able to call on key external experts for specific assignments to deliver our clients’ projects to the highest standards.