Bayer and AFAP collaborate on an initiative to boost the use of Improved Seed and the provision of Last-Mile Extension Support

18 Mar 2024

Bayer and the African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) are collaborating on a project to promote improved seeds and assisting hub agro-dealers to build last mile extension services in Tanzania.

The initiative involves training extension workers to establish a robust network of lead farmers and or community advisors. These individuals, in turn, will play a crucial role in educating farmers on various aspects of agriculture, including adopting good agronomic practices, recognizing the importance of using improved seeds, encouraging savings for inputs, and managing post-harvest losses effectively.

In its nascent stage, this project marks the beginning of a broader effort. The next phase anticipates the commencement of cascade training, where knowledge and practices disseminated among lead farmers and community advisors will trickle down to even more farmers, thereby expanding the project’s reach and impact.