DALRRD and AFAP Explore Partnership Opportunities in South Africa

12 Mar 2024

An AFAP delegation led by President and CEO, Michael Sudarkasa, met with an executive team from the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) led by Hon. Nasele Mehlomakulu, Deputy Director General for Food Security and Agrarian Reform.

The meeting, which took place in Pretoria, aimed to explore opportunities for collaboration between AFAP and DALRRD.

Despite South Africa’s reputation as a major global food exporter and its relative food security, persistent disparities in the agriculture sector, originating from its apartheid history, continue to present challenges. Emerging black South African farmers, in particular, encounter similar hurdles to smallholder farmers in other African regions, such as difficulties in accessing finance, affordable inputs, extension services, mechanization, irrigation, cold chain storage, and markets.

The meeting served as a platform for both organizations to discuss potential areas of collaboration in addressing agricultural challenges in South Africa. With the goal of enhancing food security and promoting agricultural improvement, the meeting provided an opportunity to exchange insights and ideas on how to leverage resources and expertise effectively.