Success Story of Farmer and Producer Francisco Rafael Vinte

04 Apr 2024

Francisco Rafael Vinte, a 39-year-old farmer hailing from the Vacha community in the Alto Molocue district of Zambezia province, stands as a beacon of success in agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship. With a family to support, consisting of seven children, Francisco’s livelihood revolves around agricultural production, supplemented by trading activities. However, his journey towards prosperity took a significant leap forward with his participation in the Sustain Africa program.

Owning a 6-hectare parcel of land, Francisco cultivates various crops to sustain his family and generate income. When the Sustain Africa program was introduced, Francisco embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly. Before acquiring the fertilizers provided by the program, he underwent thorough training in optimal agronomic practices. Collaborating with local agrodealers and AFAP (Agricultural Inputs and Marketing Project) personnel, Francisco learned essential techniques such as fertilizer application, precise row sowing, and effective crop management strategies.

In March 2023, Francisco purchased 200kg of NPK Yara Mila Cereal fertilizer, a product he had never used before. Implementing this fertilizer in his corn and carrot fields, he ventured into uncharted territory with a determination to enhance his yields. His efforts bore fruit as he witnessed a significant increase in production.

For his carrot cultivation spanning 0.25 hectares, Francisco harvested an impressive yield of 15 bags, each weighing 80kg, totaling 1.2 tons. With shrewd marketing tactics, he reaped 45,000.00 MZN from the sales. Similarly, his corn production on 1.5 hectares yielded 20 bags weighing 70kg each, totaling 1.4 tons, generating 35,000.00 MZN in revenue. Francisco attributed this remarkable success to the use of fertilizers, which substantially boosted both production and productivity.

Buoyed by his newfound success, Francisco reinvested his earnings wisely. He expanded his vegetable production area by acquiring additional farmland, invested in superior quality inputs, and set his sights on procuring a motor pump. Expressing gratitude towards the Sustain Africa program and AFAP for their invaluable support, Francisco emphasized the critical role played by affordable fertilizers and comprehensive training in transforming the lives of farmers in his community and beyond.

As Francisco advocates for the continuity of such programs, he underscores their potential to revolutionize agricultural practices, elevate family incomes, and uplift the standard of living for countless producers. His success story serves as a testament to the transformative power of strategic interventions and collaborative efforts aimed at empowering farmers and fostering sustainable agricultural development.