AFAP CEO Explores Collaboration Opportunities During IFDC Visit

28 Jul 2023

AFAP CEO, Micheal Sudarkasa, recently embarked on a productive visit to the headquarters of the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The visit aimed to strengthen collaboration between the two organizations and explore areas of mutual interest for the advancement of agricultural development in Africa.

Jason Scarpone, a former IFDC Board member and the current Board Member of AFAP (and AFAP’s founder), accompanied AFAP CEO, Micheal Sudarkasa during the visit. His presence added valuable insights and highlighted the significant impact that a closer alignment of AFAP and IFDC efforts could bring to Africa’s fertilizer sector.

During the visit, AFAP and IFDC engaged in discussions that centered around potential joint initiatives and ways to strengthen their existing partnership. Michael emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts in driving agricultural transformation across Africa. He expressed his enthusiasm about the potential for deeper collaboration between AFAP and IFDC, believing that together, they can make a substantial impact on Africa’s agricultural landscape and contribute to its sustainable development.

“We had an insightful tour of IFDC’s renowned research lab and product development and testing plant. My colleagues and I were impressed by IFDC’s commitment to innovation in the fertilizer industry and its efforts to improve agricultural productivity and food security across the globe”, says Michael Sudarkasa, CEO, AFAP.

One of the highlights of the visit was a visit to the birthplace of commercial fertilizer production in the United States, located alongside the historic Wilson Dam along the Tennessee Valley River in northern Alabama. This region boasts a remarkable history, having played a crucial role in US armament manufacture during both World Wars and fertilizer production in times of peace.

“I would like to express my gratitude to Patrice Annequin, who orchestrated the visit and played a pivotal role in organizing the itinerary. He also acknowledged IFDC Board Member Tip O’Neill for his valuable contributions that helped frame the discussions”, concludes Michael.

The AFAP CEO’s visit to IFDC underscored the commitment of both organizations to foster strategic partnerships that promote sustainable agriculture, improve livelihoods, and ensure food security in Africa. The trip further solidified the resolve to collaborate and work towards shared goals for the betterment of the continent.