AFAP CEO, Participates in the Breaking Boundaries Leader's Panel: Unconventional Wisdom from Extraordinary Minds

30 Oct 2023

Recently, Michael Sudarkasa, AFAP CEO, participated in a panel themed ‘Breaking Boundaries: Unconventional Wisdom from Extraordinary Minds’ hosted by Oracle at the 12th  Annual Absa Enterprise & Supplier Development Expo, part of the 17th Annual Smart Procurement World Indaba.

The panel discussion provided a forum for industry experts to discuss the necessity of pushing boundaries in both the professional and personal spheres, with an emphasis on the significance of challenging social norms and fostering unconventional thinking as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

The event served as a platform to delve into specific strategies and approaches individuals can adopt to push their own boundaries. It also explored the influence of cultural and societal norms on the willingness and ability to break through these boundaries.