AFAP Empowers Agro-dealers and Agriculture Officers in Uganda to Bridge Knowledge Gap

28 Jul 2023

AFAP continues its commitment to empowering rural communities in Uganda through its recent regional agro-dealers’ products knowledge training in the Bunyoro sub-region. With 130 agro-dealers from 5 neighbouring districts and 12 district agriculture officers in attendance, this intensive training sought to bridge the knowledge gap and enhance agricultural practices at the grassroots level.

“The training session aimed to equip agro-dealers and agriculture officers with the necessary expertise and insights to better serve farmers and boost agricultural productivity. Recognizing the significance of informed decision-making in agricultural value chains, we focused on enhancing the participants’ understanding of various agro-inputs, fertilizer products, and sustainable farming practices”, said Joel Kakaire, Uganda Country Manager, AFAP.

AFAP’s efforts in Uganda extend beyond training sessions. The organization has been actively working on projects that address critical issues such as food security, soil health, and financial access for smallholder farmers. By collaborating with various stakeholders and leveraging partnerships, AFAP is making a significant impact on rural communities, contributing to increased agricultural productivity and rural market development.

Through its innovative and collaborative approach, AFAP remains committed to transforming the agricultural landscape in Uganda and empowering those at the forefront of agricultural development. The recent agrodealers’ products knowledge training in Bunyoro is just one step in the organization’s continuous journey to create sustainable and resilient food systems for a prosperous Uganda.