AFAP Exhibition at the Nc ‘Wala Traditional Ceremony in Eastern province- Zambia

06 Mar 2024

African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) participated in the Nc’Wala Traditional Ceremony that took place in Zambia.

Nc ‘Wala is an annual tradition for the Ngoni people of Zambia’s Eastern Province which serves as an expression of gratitude to ancestral spirits, and Chief Mpezeni for the blessings of the first fruits and harvest. This year, the ceremony was held at Mtenguleni Village in Chipata and drew farmers from neighbouring countries like Malawi and Tanzania.

AFAP was invited to exhibit at this year’s ceremony and introduced farmers to its services and collaborative efforts with governmental and private entities. Farmers received training on Good Agronomic Practices (GAP) and learned about transportation rebate programs, enhancing their agricultural knowledge and productivity.

The exhibition featured a diverse collection of participants, including fertilizer manufacturers like United Capital Fertilizers and seed companies such as Afri-Seed Limited. Financial institutions like First National Bank and value addition companies like Zambia Sugar PLC contributed to the event’s richness. SARO Agro-Equipment showcased agricultural machinery, offering farmers opportunities for equipment acquisition through Agri-lease.