AFAP Expands Scope in Kenya

28 Jul 2023

AFAP’s Kenya office is embarking on an exciting new phase as it expands its scope of activities to include work around the Sustain Africa Initiative in the country. In addition to its role as a support resource for AFAP operations across Africa, especially with Trade Credit Guarantee projects, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL), and Development cooperation activities, the Kenya office is set to spearhead projects aimed at promoting sustainable agricultural practices and enhancing food security.

The Kenya office will play a pivotal role in coordinating and implementing various Sustain Africa activities within the country. This includes partnering with local farmers, agro-dealers, and other stakeholders to promote sustainable farming practices and improve access to quality inputs and resources.

“Our expanded role in Kenya is a testament to AFAP’s continuous growth across the continent. With a strong foundation of expertise and learning from the other countries we operate in, we hope to make a great impact in the country’s agriculture sector,” says Joseph Mwangangi, Deputy CEO, AFAP.

As AFAP’s presence in Kenya evolves, its expansion in the country represents a significant step forward in achieving its vision of a food-secure and prosperous Africa.