AFAP Hosts a Field Day with Matharia Women Association in Nampula, Mozambique

09 Jun 2023

On June 6, 2023, the African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) in partnership with the Matharia Women Association organized a field day in Matharia village, Ribaue district, located in the Nampula Province of Mozambique. The event was in collaboration with key partners, including Prolibuds (seed supplier), Yara (fertilizer supplier), Bayer (crop protection product supplier), and Helder Commercial (hub agro-dealer).

The primary objective of this collaborative initiative was to bring together farmers, input suppliers, extension agents, and agro-dealers to assess the results achieved through the cabbage demonstration plot.

The demonstration plot was established to showcase the numerous benefits of employing certified cabbage seeds, specifically the Kilomo F1 variety. Additionally, it highlighted the advantages of utilizing balanced crop nutrition and protection packages while promoting the adoption of best production practices. The overarching goal was to boost production and enhance productivity in the agricultural sector.

This field day was executed by AFAP under the Sustain Africa initiative, which is dedicated to empowering smallholder farmers by granting them access to affordable and sustainable agricultural inputs. The program not only aims to educate farmers about the advantages of utilizing agro-inputs but also strives to improve their farming practices and overall yields through knowledge sharing. By encouraging broader changes in agricultural productivity, Sustain Africa envisions a positive transformation within the farming community in Mozambique.

The project featured lively discussions among participants who eagerly exchanged ideas, experiences, and expertise. Farmers were particularly enthusiastic about the results achieved through the implementation of certified cabbage seeds and comprehensive crop management techniques.

Overall, the field day in Nampula was a resounding success, bringing together stakeholders committed to enhancing agricultural productivity and empowering smallholder farmers in Mozambique.