AFAP Implementation of the WFP’s Farmer Productivity Support Project

28 Jul 2023

The World Food Program (WFP) is currently implementing its Farmer Productivity Support Activity across four regions in Northern Ghana (Northern, North-East, Upper East and Upper West). The project is being funded by the USAID and is operating in 17 districts that fall under the USAID’s Zone of Influence (ZOI).

This project provides cash resources to the amount of GHS3,600 or US$317.87 per beneficiary and prioritizes Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), youth and women. The funds should enable them to undertake their farming activities this cropping season.

“We are providing technical support and linking our farmer groups for the WFP project. Our role is to go the extra mile as an honest broker, establishing and facilitating linkages. We are using our CBA and extension officers to support the targeting and validation of farmers within the communities to ensure farmers who benefit from this cash transfer use it appropriately for inputs. We as AFAP would also ensure farmers receive market information on input prices as well as the much-needed extension advice”, says Nana-Aisha Mohammed, Ghana Country Manager, AFAP.

AFAP’s activities are tailored to allow the effectiveness of the project, specifically the cash-based transfers (CBT) targeting over 17,000 smallholder farmers in the ZOI.