AFAP Joins USAID/WFP Joint Mission to Enhance Farmer Productivity in Northern Ghana

04 Apr 2024

Under the USAID Farmer Productivity Support (FPS) initiative in Northern Ghana, the World Food Program (WFP) and the African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) have been actively working together. This program, which covers 17 districts across Northern Ghana, aims to increase agricultural productivity in selected communities, known as the USAID Zone of Influence (ZOI).

The FPS Activity is a cash-based transfer (CBT) project designed to provide funds to 17 000 registered beneficiaries to enable them to secure required farming inputs and support services that will improve agricultural productivity. The registered beneficiaries include the youth, male and female farmers, as well as people with disabilities (PWDs). The FPS activity has strategically partnered with initiatives like Sustain Africa and Grow Ghana to ensure accessibility, affordability, and availability of fertilizers and other agricultural inputs in the project areas. Recognizing the significance of this collaboration, AFAP was invited to participate in a joint mission alongside other project partners.

MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) facilitated the cash-based transfer system that provided the funds. The benefits of the FPS initiative improved family dynamics and enhanced the well-being of homes and communities. Families invested in farming, had access to more food, and could afford education. Moving forward, a comprehensive impact evaluation is recommended to refine project design and implementation, ensuring greater effectiveness and sustainability.

AFAP’s participation demonstrates its commitment to fostering agricultural development and enhancing the well-being of farming communities in Northern Ghana. Through collaborative efforts and targeted interventions, initiatives like the FPS activity can enhance sustainable growth, resilience, and prosperity in the region’s agricultural sector.