AFAP Participates at AFA Conference in Cairo

08 Mar 2024

African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) attended the 30th Aarab Fertilizer Association (AFA) Conference, convened in Cairo. AFAP’s participation was led by Michael Sudarkasa, President and CEO of AFAP.

AFAP facilitated the participation of a Nigerian government delegate and invited hub agro-dealers to attend the conference. AFAP country managers were too in participation. The hub agro-dealers met with fertiliser suppliers and manufacturers based in North Africa.

The conference served as a platform to highlight the growing importance of the Arab region in tackling pressing issues such as food security, agricultural productivity, and environmental sustainability. During the sessions, the region’s dedication to fostering a sustainable future was emphasised, with a particular emphasis on strengthening agricultural systems and practices.

Fertilizer markets in Africa were central to the discussions, with fertilizers acknowledged as playing a critical role in increasing agricultural output. Participants discussed the issues associated with the supply and trade of fertilizers across the continent, acknowledging the necessity for deliberate actions to resolve these constraints. Moreover, various models of cooperation were explored, with emphasis placed on organizations such as AFAP, WAFA, IFDC, ADB, and AFREXIM Bank.

The conference highlighted the significance of partnerships playing a crucial role in facilitating knowledge exchange, fostering innovation, and implementing sustainable solutions in the agricultural sector. By fostering dialogue and cooperation, stakeholders can address the multifaceted challenges facing agriculture, paving the way for inclusive growth and development.