AFAP Takes Part in Burkina Faso's Sustain Africa Initiative with IFDC

22 Feb 2024

AFAP in collaboration with IFDC recently launched the Sustain Africa Initiative in Burkina Faso.

In recent years, Burkina Faso has faced significant hurdles in accessing and distributing fertilizers, posing a grave threat to its agricultural productivity and food security. One of the primary issues is the limited availability of fertilizers due to logistical challenges and inadequate distribution networks. Farmers across the country struggle to access quality fertilizers in a timely manner, hampering their ability to optimize crop yields and maintain soil fertility.

The primary objective of the Sustain Africa initiative in the country is to decrease the cost of fertilizers available to smallholder farmers in the upcoming season by implementing smart subsidies within the agricultural value chain. As part of this initiative, the IFDC aims to provide 20,000 tonnes of fertilizer to 100,000 small-scale producers, along with 70 wholesalers and retailers, in two phases by May of next year.

During the visit, AFAP had the opportunity to explore a newly established fertilizer blending plant located approximately 2.5 hours outside Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. With abundant phosphate minerals, the country aims to incorporate other essential elements such as NPK, potash, and urea to produce cost-effective blends tailored for local farmers. This trend of establishing fertilizer blending plants is gaining traction across the continent as African nations strive for increased fertilizer security. However, the financial viability of such projects relies on fluctuating prices of raw materials and shipping costs, which remain high due to global events. Nevertheless, with sufficient funding, initiatives like these hold promise, especially for Burkina Faso, a prominent agricultural hub in West Africa.