AFAP's at Harvest Money Expo 2024 in Uganda

01 Mar 2024

African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) recently participated during the Harvest Money Expo 2024 in Uganda. The expo three-day was organized by the Vision Group and under the theme “Farming as a Commercial Business: Post-Harvest Handling and Innovations”.

Other participants included top farmers, agro-input dealers specializing in seeds, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, and breeding, as well as machinery providers, experts in post-harvest handling and value addition, and representatives from various markets, among others.

One of AFAP’s key contributions was the promotion of fertilizer usage through educational initiatives and the dissemination of resources such as the Uganda Agro Dealer Directory and newsletters. By providing valuable information and tools, AFAP aimed to empower farmers and agribusinesses with the knowledge needed to improve productivity and sustainability in their operations.

Furthermore, AFAP utilized its participation in the expo as an opportunity to foster meaningful dialogue, establish partnerships, and network with influential figures within Uganda’s agricultural landscape. Through collaboration and knowledge exchange, AFAP aims to drive positive change in the sector, bolstering food security, economic growth, and sustainable development in Uganda.