Developing and Strengthening Strategic Partnerships in Nigeria

28 Jul 2023

AFAP’s commitment to transforming agricultural landscapes and empowering rural communities is gaining momentum in Nigeria, with ongoing activities that foster collaboration and capacity building for agro-dealers.

Partnering with West African Fertilizer Association (WAFA), AFAP Nigeria is engaging in discussions to enhance the capacity of hub agro-dealers in business management and expansion, particularly in underserved markets. To achieve this, new training material is being identified and standardized to ensure effective knowledge transfer. Moreover, AFAP and WAFA have signed an MoU to strengthen their collaboration in the West African region, promising even greater impact on agricultural development.

In another strategic partnership, AFAP and OCP Africa recently conducted a strategy workshop in Morocco to formulate a joint African regional strategy. Nigeria is set to be a key focus in this collaborative effort, with innovative financing solutions planned for hub agro-dealers and joint support for distributing fertilizer products in underserved markets. A memorandum of understanding was signed in 2022, solidifying the commitment of both organizations to work together. Now, the focus is on implementing the MoU and further elevating the positive outcomes of this partnership.

“The pursuit of impactful collaborations doesn’t stop there. We recently met with Dr. Mankind Kehinde, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)’s Country Manager, to explore opportunities for collaboration. The meeting laid the foundation for mutual understanding of each organization’s strategies for development. Subsequent discussions will delve deeper into potential partnership opportunities, reinforcing the commitment to harness collective strengths and resources for agricultural advancement”, says Matthew Adetunji, Nigeria Country Manager, AFAP.

These ongoing initiatives exemplify AFAP’s dedication to fostering sustainable agricultural practices and fostering rural market development in Nigeria. By forging strategic alliances and investing in the capacity building of key stakeholders like agro-dealers, AFAP continues to drive agricultural transformation and improve food security in the nation. The impact of these partnerships holds the promise of creating lasting change, ensuring a prosperous and resilient future for Nigerian farmers and communities.