Enhancing Food Security and Agricultural Resilience

30 Oct 2023

AFAP is currently implementing two projects in Zambia, Africa Trade and Investment/Development Alternatives Incorporation (ATI/DAI) project focused on improving Zambian food security and resilience through the Zambian Fertilizer value chain in five provinces of Zambia (Lusaka, Central, Copperbelt, Eastern, and Southern), and a Sustain Africa project aiming to improve Zambia’s Agricultural & Rural Household Food Security.

The objectives of the ATI/DAI project are to increase fertilizer use among smallholder farmers in the project area, increase the yields of staple foods among smallholder farmers, improving food security and household resilience, and to teach farmers the best agronomic practices so they can grow crops in a way that is climate-smart, contemporary, and efficient. Currently, the project has trained about 3,300 farmers across the aforementioned provinces in Zambia and aims to train 10,000 farmers by the project conclusion in 2024.

The Sustain Africa intervention is targeting to supply over 20,000mt of fertilizers and impact over 100,000 smallholder farmers located in 5 provinces of Zambia including Muchinga, Luapula, part of Western Province, as well as Northern and Northwestern Provinces. The objectives of this project are to:

-Facilitate increased access to fertilizer by smallholder farmers through 10 Hub Agro- dealers and Rural Agro-dealers subscribed to 500 Cooperatives located in the above- mentioned provinces.

-Facilitate increased access to improved seed, crop protection products, and Market Linkages.

-Increase fertilizer usage by small holder farmers through product promotion and demand creation activities by setting up at least 60 demonstration plots.

-Increase crop yields through adoption of improved farming in-puts.

-Expose small holder farmers to improved and modern farming operations by linking them to at least 3 successful commercial farms and facilitating output market linkage between the small holders and the commercial farmers.

To achieve these objectives AFAP is working with key partners, YARA Fertilizers, United Capital Fertilizers, Fertilizer Seed and Grain (FSG), IRM, Seedco, Afriseed, Synergy Corteva, Syngenta, Bayer, UPL, Excellence in Agronomy (CG EIA), the Ministry of Agriculture, Farmer cooperatives, Off takers and the Hub/Retail Agro-dealers network.