Field Day in Mecanhelas Boosts Partnerships and Farming Know-How

04 Apr 2024

On February 22, 2024, Mecanhelas district witnessed a significant event aimed at boosting local agriculture. The Field Day, organized under the “Increase Market Share of Bayer Maize Seeds and Crop Solutions” project, a collaboration between AFAP and Bayer Mozambique, drew 79 participants including farmers, agro-dealers, SDAE representatives, and stakeholders from Bayer, Seppa, and ETG.

This event was more than just a gathering of agricultural stakeholders; it provided a crucial opportunity for local farmers to learn about cutting-edge solutions and technologies offered by Bayer, particularly in maize seeds and crop protection. With products like Decis, Belt, Auxo, Round Up, DK777, and DKC 80-33 showcased, farmers explored new avenues to enhance productivity and improve the quality of their produce.

For farmers, the Field Day offered real value. They gained direct access to high-quality, proven-effective products and absorbed technical insights on their optimal usage. Armed with this knowledge, farmers are better equipped to tackle challenges and optimize their farming methods, contributing to the sustainable growth of their activities.

The event also served as a unique opportunity for agro-dealers to strengthen commercial ties and forge strategic partnerships with local farmers, as well as with organizations like Seppa and ETG. By promoting Bayer products, agro-dealers expanded their offerings and solidified their reputation as dependable partners for farmers in the region.

In summary, the Field Day in Mecanhelas not only showcased the potential of Bayer products and disseminated agricultural knowledge and technology but also strengthened bonds among participants, driving sustainable development and prosperity in the local farming community. Such events underscore AFAP and Bayer Mozambique’s commitment to progress and innovation in agriculture, leveraging the region’s agricultural potential for the benefit of all involved.