Igniting Hope for a Sustainable Future: Sustain Africa-ETG Initiative Launches in Ghana

23 May 2023

Friday, May 19, 2023, marked the official launch of the Sustain Africa-ETG Initiative in Ghana. The initiative aims to empower smallholder farmers and strengthen local value chains by providing 15,000 metric tons of discounted fertilizers to help smallholder farmers in Ghana.

The Sustain Africa-ETG Initiative was officially launched by Hon. Dr. Brian Acheampong, Minister of Food and Agriculture, Ghana. In attendance at the ceremony was Ben Valk, Executive Director of Sustain Africa, Fred Akowuah, Country Director, ETG, Nana-Aisha Mohammed, West Africa Program Implementation Lead/ Ghana Country Manager, AFAP, and Assetta Diallo, Director, AFAP.

Through this program, smallholder farmers will have the opportunity to acquire a 50-kilogram bag of ammonium sulphate fertilizer at a discounted rate of GHC250, compared to the regular market price of GHC300. Similarly, they can purchase a 50-kilogram bag of NPK 23-10 fertilizer at a reduced price of GHC300, as opposed to the market price of GHC450. This initiative aims to make these essential fertilizers more affordable and accessible for the benefit of our dedicated farmers.

Sustain Africa is an agricultural emergency response and collaborative platform for Africa that aims to enhance agriculture value chains and food systems in Africa. The initiative is currently being implemented by AFAP across multiple countries across the continent.