Imparting Skills and Technology to Mozambique Agro-dealers

28 Jul 2023

In Mozambique, agro-dealers face significant challenges in adopting and integrating technology into their operations. The lack of access to digital tools and information systems hinders efficient inventory management, supply chain coordination, and customer outreach. This technological gap not only limits the agro-dealers’ capacity to serve farmers effectively but also impedes the dissemination of vital agricultural knowledge and best practices, hindering overall agricultural productivity and rural development.

In a bid to address this challenge, AFAP recently conducted a skills and technology training for agro-dealers in Mozambique, with a focus on inventory management systems. This training falls under the Inputs Partnership Project for the Beira Corridor.

“As part of the Inputs Partnership Project for the Beira Corridor, we have been developing the capacity of agro-dealers for smooth integration into suppliers’ distribution networks. This includes training on technical knowledge for inputs and management of the inputs business, which also involves the use of Stock Management Software. This will enable them to enhance stock management and maintain efficient record-keeping, which are crucial for engaging with input suppliers to ensure a permanent and consistent supply of inputs to smallholder farmers.”, says Sergio Ussaca, Mozambique Country Manager, AFAP.

Over multiple training sessions, AFAP has continue to provide valuable skills and tools to agro-dealers which will enable them to streamline their operations and improve their overall efficiency.