Mozambique: Elias Tomás Sibanda: From Stall Holder to Agrodealer

02 Feb 2021
Elias Tomás Sibanda is the first agrodealer selling better-quality seeds in the community of Chibabava district. Sibanda is the first merchant to devote himself solely to selling agricultural inputs. He says that after being contacted by AFAP under the Food Security Program through Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change (FAR), he became a respected person among local producers, who meet regularly to share knowledge about appropriate agricultural inputs for production.

Sibanda was awarded the responsibility of managing the agricultural inputs shop, which was built and equipped as part of this program. Before that, he used to sell at a small market other products as well as seeds in poor packaging, which affected the quality of seeds. At that time the seed could only be purchased in the cities of Beira and Chimoio,

“I am very happy about the support I was given. I have become a highly valued person among the farmers in this district. All the producers have come here to share the knowledge I acquired during the training that took place before the official delivery of this shop,” explained Sibanda with enthusiasm. “Everything seemed just like a dream!”