Sakant Enterprise signs APC with AFAP

02 Apr 2013

The African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) signed an Agribusiness Partnership Contract (APC) with Sakant Enterprise Limited last week at the AFAP offices in Accra, Ghana.

Sakant Enterprise Limited, founded in 1993 operates in retailing and wholesales of agricultural inputs. It additionally provides extension services to farmers in Nkawkaw based in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

“Through the APC matching grant agreement, Sakant Enterprise Limited will not only expand its storage capacity to three thousand metric tons, but it will ensure that many smallholder farmers in the community get access to fertilizers,” said Mr Amoah-Safo, Managing Director of Sakant Enterprise Limited.

An APC is a mechanism that allows AFAP to unite the expertise and dedication of the public and private sectors to improve fertilizer affordability and availability in Africa.

“Fertilizer is still not accessible to smallholder farmers and due to small volumes of warehouses, there is a shortage of fertilizer usage in Ghana,” he said.

Jason Scarpone, AFAP’s President and CEO said: “AFAP uses the APC mechanism to work with agribusinesses that will improve fertilizer access and affordability for African smallholder farmers. We trust that by assisting Mr. Amoah-Safo expand his warehouse, it will increase fertilizer users and usage in the region.”

Mr Amoah-Safo gave thanks to AFAP saying that more organizations such as this are needed. “Agriculture is a big part of Africa’s development, and to reap its full benefits, there needs to be a focus on farmers using the correct inputs.”

AFAP brings together people, businesses and organizations dedicated to realizing Africa’s vision for agricultural growth. It represents a paradigm shift in how the private and public sector work together to achieve the goal of increasing fertilizer use in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“Because of the support from AFAP, we will be able to stock fertilizers to meet the increasing demand of our numerous small holder farmers and this will increase our sales volume. Through the domino effect, we see fertilizer usage in the country increasing by 15% in the next three years,” predicted Mr Amoah-Safo.

Sakant Enterprise Limited was founded in 1993 to engage in retailing and wholesales of agricultural inputs as well as provision of extension services to farmers. It operates in Nkawkaw based in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

“We will ensure that fertilizers reach farmers with ease, affordable, and in tailored packages that will meet the demand of smallholder farmers. Our extension agents will also facilitate them on good agricultural practices.”