Spotlight on Mozambique: Bringing it to the people

16 Aug 2021
Africa’s rural agriculture is built on the back of women. From tilling the land to everything in-between including watering and weeding, African women do it all.
The women of Chibavana, a district of Sofala Province in Mozambique, are some of the hardest working farmers in the region. All year-round, they rise to the fields at dawn and leave them at dusk. The work is hard and demanding, making it difficult for them to find time to travel to the city to buy farm inputs.
AFAP recently developed an innovative program that brings agriculture inputs closer to rural farming communities in Mozambique.
“We are happy that seeds, fertilizers, and implements are much closer to us now. Whoever thought of this idea was thinking of us women”, says Lois João, leader of the Kufuma Kufuma Association in Chibavana, a beneficiary of the AFAP initiative.