Yara Action Africa: Southern Africa Rollout Booklet Thriving Farms, Thriving Futures

01 Mar 2021
The COVID 19 Pandemic’s impact, following on the heels of Cyclone Idai in 2019, has left many smallholder farmers without proper access to productivity-enhancing inputs to ensure both food security and livelihood.
But thanks to the generous support of Yara through its Covid19 Response program “Action Africa: Thriving Farms, Thriving Future” more than one hundred thousand farmers are now better prepared to meet these challenges on the road to recovery. Working with other partner organizations including AGRA, WFP, UNHCR, UNODC, Total Land Care, Prorustica, CLUSA, BAGC and working hand in hand with the Government of Malawi and Mozambique vulnerable farmers received fertilizer from Yara that cushions them against the impact of the pandemic. This initiative also includes support towards advocacy and partnerships, farmer connectivity, digital solutions and operational support. Farmers receiving the inputs are also receiving extension service advice through the season, all these investments put in place to secure food production and improve food security amidst the crisis.
The African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) and its local agrodealer partners are proud participants in Action Africa. Through this important initiative, we seek to maintain and grow input distribution channels that link suppliers, distributors, local business and farmer groups in a last-mile effort to reach smallholder farmers who drive a large part of both countries’ economies.

Download a pdf copy: Action Africa Southern Africa Cluster Rollout Booklet