Harnessing Digital Transformation for Agricultural Advancement

30 Oct 2023

AFAP in collaboration with Yara East Africa, hosted a celebratory event for regional agro-dealers in Masaka and Mbale districts. This event celebrated the extension of digital connectivity to the last mile through the YaraConnect App, emphasizing the profound impact of digital solutions in agriculture, which in turn bolsters farmer productivity and creates new opportunities for businesses.

The event, hosted at the Maple Leaf Hotel in Masaka district, brought together Yara’s distributors, retailers, farmers and fertilizer distributors. These individuals were recognized and rewarded with motorcycles and mobile phones for their outstanding efforts in promoting the use of Yara products.

Joel Kakaire, AFAP Uganda Country Director, highlighted the organization’s commitment to the Sustain Africa Initiative, a program focused on market-driven business solutions in the fertilizer and agribusiness sector to enhance agricultural productivity. He advised farmers to source their fertilizers from reputable distributors as the second planting season approached.

John Meshack Rotich, the Commercial Manager of Yara East Africa Ltd, urged farmers to adhere to the best agronomic practices for bountiful harvests. He expressed appreciation for the support received from these dedicated farmers and distributors over the years.

While agriculture remains the backbone of Uganda’s economy, it faces challenges such as low productivity due to factors like pests, drought, diseases, and the limited use of quality seeds and fertilizers. Often, even when farmers acquire the right fertilizers, improper application adversely affects crop yields. Attendees were encouraged to consider cultivating high-value crops such as carrots, tomatoes, onions, and quick-maturing vegetables to boost both income and nutrition.

AFAP’s involvement in providing a platform for the private sector to reach farmers not only stimulates market access but also ensures that fertilizers are accessible at reduced prices, benefiting the farming community.

Through collaboration with farmers, agro-dealers, and various partners, AFAP is creating an informed environment where technology choices are made wisely. Hub Agro-dealers play a pivotal role as knowledge and innovation conduits, engaging directly with farmers in the field. The award ceremony underscored the significant impact of digital solutions in agriculture, demonstrating how technology enhances farmer productivity and business opportunities.

Among the competition’s outstanding performers, Asharaf Mulasa emerged as a standout in the Southern region. He expressed his gratitude to AFAP and Yara for providing a platform that empowered him and his fellow farmers to excel further, emphasizing that this victory was a collective effort involving dedicated teamwork with fellow farmers and stakeholders.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), technological advancements have been instrumental in driving agricultural productivity and fostering development in agriculture across OECD countries. Agriculture is increasingly intertwined with the agri-food chain and the global market, necessitating compliance with environmental, food safety, quality, and animal welfare regulations to meet the evolving demands of the sector.