African Fertilizer Agribusiness conferencesTo develop mutually beneficial events which bring together both international and local, public and private sector organizations who have an interest in fertilizer trade and investment in Africa 
AGRA Project for GuaranteeTo provide technical support in designing and managing the credit guarantee fund under the SMASH Project.   Credit Guarantee Scheme developed. Regulations and procedures 
Increase productivity of smallholder farmers (SIPMA) for maize-soya bean value chain in selected districts of Brong-Ahafo and Northern RegionsTo facilitate agro-input development coordination extension to services and conduct business and management training for agro-input dealersGhana
Strengthening fertilizer systems through promotion of area specific fertilizer blending in MalawiTo catalyse production, validation and dissemination of appropriate soil and crop specific fertilizer blends for increased productivity and incomes among all smallholder farmers in Malawi Malawi
Food security through climate adaptation and Resilience in MozambiqueTo improve food security and resilience to climate change shocks of 30-45,000 smallholder farmer households (of which 50% female-headed smallholder units Mozambique
Productivity, Incomes through Agribusiness Development in the Zambezi Valley (PRODAZAV)To transform the maize, rice and soybean value chains into productive and profitable agribusiness by enhancing input delivery systems and linking the farmers to well-structured dependable output markets to improve livelihoods of householdsMozambique
Beira Corridor Inputs Partnership ProjectTo increase production and productivity of smallholder farmers in sustainable manner within the Beira Corridor through use of proper fertilizer, improved seeds and chemicals, and best agricultural practices as supported by access to finance and secured marketsMozambique
Development of inputs supply chain for rice productionDevelopment of inputs supply chain for rice production in Zambezi province including extension service and technology transferMozambique
Africa Fertilizer Financing MechanismImplementing partner for the AFFM Credit Guarantee Programme in NigeriaNigeria
Increase the affordability, accessibility and incentive for fertilizer use amongst smallholder farmers in AfricaTo expand the supply and distribution of fertilizer by leveraging investments in the sub-sector through facilitating the development of sustainable, competitive fertilizer business models and increasing access to finance in fertilizer production, blending and distribution Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Mozambique and Cote d'Ivoire
Strengthening Fertilizer Supply Systems through Agribusiness Partnerships in Selected African CountriesTo strengthen fertilizer systems in Eastern and Southern Africa to enable delivery of high-quality balanced fertilizer that improves farmers' yield, profitability and incomeNigeria, Malawi, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya
Africa Fertilizer Financing MechanismImplementing partner for the AFFM Credit Guarantee Programme in TanzaniaTanzania
Hub Agrodealer Development ProgramTo facilitate the entry and expansion of sustainable distributors into the smallholder farmers’ fertilizer value chain, increasing their fertilizer access to significantly improve their productivity and incomeUganda, Malawi, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, and Mali
First Phase Support in Improving Access to finance for WAFA membersTo obtain appropriate and affordable financing, mitigate downstream risk and create durable "slipstreams" for further investment in West Africa's growing fertilizer industry WAFA Countries