Strengthening Rice Production and Marketing Systems in Zambezia “Moz Arroz”

Development of inputs supply chain for rice production in the Zambezia province of Mozambique including extension service and technology transfer.

International Budget Partnership Inc (IBP)`

Development of smallholder farmer profiles in 9 SPARK project implementing districts in Ghana, and  providing strategic advisory services for maintenance and use of the data management systems.

Africa Fertilizer Financing Mechanism (AFFM)

Management of AFFM Credit Guarantees

Better farms Better lives – Malawi

Implementation of the ‘Better farms better lives’ initiative in Malawi by expanding and working with approximately 100,000 smallholder farmers with BAYER inputs in districts where BAYER sells its products.

Hub Agro-dealer Program

Facilitation of the entry and expansion of sustainable distributors into the smallholder farmers’ fertilizer value chain in order to increase their fertilizer access, significantly improve their productivity, and grow their income.

Partnership for Inclusive Agricultural Transformation in Africa

Improvement of 100,000 smallholder households’ access and utilization of quality agro-inputs by deepening last-mile input distribution and agricultural market systems in Northern Ghana.

Fertilizer Association of Kenya

Review of the draft Fertilizer and Animal Food Stuffs (Fertilizer Regulations 2021) in terms of clarity and access to the impact of proposed measures to ensure efficient delivery and support to the overall aim of the Act

Support towards the development of a SADC harmonized fertilizer regulatory framework

Strengthening conducive agricultural policy and investment environment for sustainable food production in SADC.

Africa Fertilizer Summit (AFS II) Progress – 2006 Abuja Fertilizer Declaration on Fertilizer

Preparation and presentation of progress report on the implementation of the 2006 Abuja Declaration on Fertilizer.

Pilot of Farmers Cropland Mapping

Enumeration of the makes, models, and GPS locations of all smartphones being used by the CBAs, such that  QED can determine which smartphones are acceptable for capturing accurate geolocations.

Crop Land Mapping

Data collection using the 6th Grain Field Focus and/or Field Focus Light  mobile application to profile and collect data from 20,000 farmers.