Policy Division

At AFAP, our premise is that a nation or region’s policy and regulatory environment critically influences whether there is a conducive environment for increased private sector participation and investment in the fertilizer sector. Furthermore, our perspective is that having a strong and active private sector involved in the inputs and fertilize sector strengthens the inputs sector value chain(s) in that country/ region, catalyzes greater investment, and results in a stronger overall food system. This is why we work to facilitate greater private-sector input into Africa’s fertilizer policy and regulatory design and advocate for the improvement of the enabling environment to accelerate and increase private sector participation in the inputs sector. This has long been an area predominantly controlled by the public sector.

Thus, we promote inclusive policy making and seek to work with governments, regional economic communities, civil society, and the private sector to involve these key stakeholders in the development of policy and regulatory reforms that can create an improve the environment in which to develop strong value chains.