Market Intelligence Division

AFAP’s Market Intelligence Unit’s focuses on drawing learnings and analytics collected from aggregated data from AFAP’s project work and from engaging with stakeholders within the African agri inputs ecosystem. We believe that our contribution to the growing African fertilizer market intelligence space is its ability to draw inferences from our working within the “last mile” between the suppliers their wholesalers and the wholesalers’ networks of retailers (agri-dealers) down to the ultimate consumers, Africa’s smallholder farmers. Thus, with more than 10 years of this data, and 10 years of relationships built through implementing value chain development projects and market developing initiatives in most of the leading agricultural markets in Africa, AFAP’s has begun to focus on developing market intelligence from this work and disseminating it through varying channels. This Unit works closely with all of the AFAP Units but its work is particularly intertwined with the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, Market Development and Policy teams.

Currently AFAP’s market intelligence output is disseminated primarily through bespoke fee based research products, free periodic knowledge pieces, presentations prepared for knowledge events, but we are working to develop a subscription service to more regularly disseminate our “Last Mile Analytics”. We are also finalizing developments with our monitoring and evaluation system to present dashboards that will afford stakeholders an opportunity to glean earnings and insights from our projects, even while they are yet unfolding and being implemented.