The African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) has an office in Nigeria, which is registered as THE African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Initiative (AFAI). In Nigeria, AFAI has been involved in the AFFM project, providing technical assistance and financial support for the development of the fertilizer market in Nigeria. The AFFM project has been instrumental in improving the access of smallholder farmers to fertilizers by addressing the financial barriers that limit private sector investment in the fertilizer value chain. The project has also helped to improve the regulatory framework for fertilizer use and to increase awareness among farmers about the importance of balanced fertilization.

 In addition to its work on the AFFM project, AFAP’s Nigeria office is currently looking for new opportunities to support the development of the agriculture sector in the country. This includes exploring the potential for new projects that could help to address some of the key challenges facing Nigerian farmers, such as access to quality inputs, finance, and markets. The office is also working to strengthen partnerships with government agencies, private sector actors, and other stakeholders to create an enabling environment for sustainable agricultural growth and development in Nigeria.