AFAP has been working in Tanzania for years, supporting the development of the fertilizer sector. One of the major initiatives in Tanzania is the Africa Fertilizer Financing Mechanism (AFFM), which is a partnership between AFAP, the African Development Bank (AfDB). The main goal of AFFM is to improve access to fertilizer and other agricultural inputs by smallholder farmers in Africa through facilitated credit and financial instruments.

In Tanzania, AFFM has been instrumental in mobilizing resources to support the growth of the fertilizer sector. One of the key activities of AFFM in Tanzania has been the development of a risk-sharing facility, which provides guarantees to financial institutions to lend to agro-dealers and other actors in the fertilizer value chain. The facility has helped to reduce the risk of lending to the sector and has led to increased access to credit for smallholder farmers.

AFFM has also been working to improve the distribution of fertilizer and other agricultural inputs in Tanzania. This includes supporting the development of agro-dealer networks and promoting the use of mobile technologies to improve the efficiency of the distribution chain. In addition, AFFM has been working to strengthen the capacity of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the fertilizer sector, through training and capacity building activities.

Overall, AFAP’s work in Tanzania, including through the AFFM initiative, has helped to improve access to fertilizer and other agricultural inputs, which has led to increased productivity and incomes for smallholder farmers.